Hi there, I’m Matt Lawrey and I’m standing for the Green Party in Nelson at this year’s election.

Like a lot of people, I think it’s time for positive change – in Nelson and across New Zealand.

As the MP for Nelson I would bring new energy and fresh ideas to the role. I would also work hard to represent you in Parliament.

I am committed to the Green Party vision of creating a country where every child can thrive and where our beautiful natural environment is treasured and protected. A vote for the Greens is the right step towards this better New Zealand. It’s 2017. It’s time for a change.

James Shaw, Green Party Leader

“Matt would make a great MP for Nelson. He's someone everyone can relate to. He's smart, hardworking and not afraid to stick his neck out. Please give him your electoral vote and party vote Green. It's time for a change!”

James Shaw, Green Party Leader

Endorsements for Matt.

Nelson priorities

Healthier Rivers

It is a tragedy each summer when signs go up along the Maitai River warning people that toxic algae could kill their dog. Unlike National, the Greens will give our rivers and your family’s health the protection they deserve.

Housing Policy

We will make it easier for Nelsonians to buy their first home. We will limit property speculation through the introduction of a Capital Gains Tax (the family home excluded). We will also bring in a much- needed WOF on rental properties to ensure Kiwis don’t live in houses that make them sick.

A Waterfront for Everyone

Nelsonians have been waiting too long for a safer, more inviting waterfront for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Nick Smith’s never-ending Southern Link saga saw the city’s plans for a seaside boulevard grind to a halt in 2014. Nelson deserves better. The time for action is now!

More about Matt

Matt is a married father of two who currently serves the community as a second term Nelson City Councillor. He is also the creator of New Zealand’s popular cartoon on family life, The Little Things.

Prior to Council he enjoyed an award-winning career in broadcasting and journalism. He is also the guy behind several community projects and is a long-term volunteer at the Victory Primary School Breakfast Club. He counts himself incredibly lucky to call Nelson home. “Shifting here 20 years ago was the smartest move I ever made.”

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